The Friends Of Harrow Weald Local Information

This is a local information resource covering Harrow Weald and surrounding areas, If you need local area information hopefully we can help you find it.


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Harrow Weald Super Users Action Group?

About The Friends

This is the community for the community section.

About The Friends

Aims and Objectives:

The Friends’ objective is to improve the park and surrounding areas. The Friends will work with park users, residents, the local authority, sponsors and any other individuals or groups to achieve this aim. Issues and concerns will be turned into positive action in a democratic way. Aims and objectives will be set out in a 5-year plan.

The Bestest park, that's not a park in Harrow Weald

We are a group of local people who have come together and volunteer their to help the local space we all use.

If you would like to get involved we have people dedicated to several areas of interest looking after the park, who together volunteer their time in groups.

You can access our plans and goals, you can suggest things, help build this website, join the bugs squad and be surprised how many little bugs make our park healthy.

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Community Action Groups

Active local community Groups, with discussions and idea sharing


Healthy Harrow Weald

We need this information updated


Historical Harrow Weald

we are a politically colour blind group


Crime & Antisocial

As Harrow Weald grow so did our needs in a number of different ways.


Healthy Harrow Weald

Read several reports from places like Mind, Harrow Council and others paid for to find out what makes a healthy local area?


The Internet popped up

During this time a whole host of changes has happened. The internet can and has already helped many local groups.


The Councils Got no Money

Its a shame, but what difference does this make, you can either have a local area grot box, or join with others to create a community user group and help, it's really not hard and well worth the effort and takes the strain off the council who can then help in other areas. This really does work, those Council people are like finely tuned ant, that's simple move to the next issue. They are doing a great job, but if the community can help in little ways how much more can they do for us all.


The Helen.Lorna and others effect

A few ladies got this crazy idea to start looking after their park. Suddenly many people were involved and seem to be enjoying caring for their local space, this grew.


Events and a wider interest

After a few long short months we started to notice a synergy between different organisations and it was good. We explored this further and decided to bring together all these great organisations and share our knowledge, resources, ideas, woes and high points together.